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Just in time for the summer season!

The lobster season is starting soonI am selling my New Jersey commercial lobster fishing permit, complete with boat and refrigerated truck. After many years in the business I am looking to change my life and decided to put the business up for Sale.

Did you know that there are only 51 lobster licenses active in New Jersey? This means that here you have the rare opportunity to get one of them. According to the article here a lobster fisher can easily make a six-figure income in a year. Thus, you get the cost of your entire business covered in less than 12 months and from then on make good money.

The money wasn’t really what brought me into this business. I was running it on the site as a hobby and really enjoyed it. Lobstering is a way of life and rewarding in many ways. So if you want to get started then this is the best time. It’s not only because you get everything you need with this offer (permit, boat, truck), but also because summer is close, which is the peak season of lobster fishing.